Created by New York-based entrepreneur and fitness buffs, Phylise and Lily Sands, Red Daisy provides impeccable support and style in contemporary designs crafted from the finest materials sourced throughout the world. Red Daisy combines the European lingerie in unique designs that set a new standard in luxury sports bras and coordinates. Each piece is carefully designed to deliver excellence in technical fit and design. 

The Cup: Support  Beyond Compare

Red Daisy sports bras offer athletic women comfortable support through cups engineered with a three-layer fabric construction to provide superior bounce control. Our molded cups support the breast tissue in bra designs available with or without underwires. For women who prefer a more body-conforming fit, we offer a European-style pull-over bra that delivers maximum bounce control. 

The Straps: A Tailored Approach

Every Red Daisy bra is constructed as if it were tailor-made for a woman, offering her a perfect fit. Our straps are uniquely designed as a sleek contemporary fashion statement and follow the natural contours of a woman's body for a superb fit. Adjustable hooks enable the straps to be converted from standard formation to racerback, enhancing comfort, fit, and versatility by accommodating women of different body proportions for a highly personalized fit. 

The Tights: Functional and Flattering Fit

 Red Daisy workout Tights and Capris are at the cutting edge of contemporary activewear - with a U.S. patent awarded on one of our advanced designs.. Featuring innovative panels engineered with two-way stretch for compression at the hips, thighs, and legs, our signature designs in patented Sensitive® Fabrics and Lycra® spandex contour the body for a slender and stylish look. 

The Fabric: Luxurious to the Touch

Red Daisy sports bras, workout tights, and tops are made with a superior compression fabric that sculpts the body. Combined with Lycra® spandex for softness against the skin, enhanced comfort and freedom of movement during all types of fitness activities. Patented Sensitive® Fabrics offer excellent resistance to abrasion and enhanced breathability to maximize comfort and performance. 

Our Patented Sensitive® Fabrics also include innovative technological advantages for sport that include: Body Moisture System, Extra Comfort, Quick Drying, Sensitive Ecosystem, and Sun-Block.