Our Story

Created by New York-based entrepreneur, fitness buff, and proud mother of three Phylise Sands, Red Daisy provides impeccable support and style in contemporary designs crafted from the finest materials sourced throughout the world. The concept behind the Red Daisy brand took shape when Phylise identified a large demand for a sleek, supportive bra that “functions like a sports bras but does not look like one.”  She set out to help women find a superior fit and performance in not only sports bras but coordinating bottoms as well.  She embraced the same concept in her bottoms, incorporating fit, support and panache without sacrificing appearance and style. 

With a desire to follow in my footsteps, Phylise's first-born daughter, Lily, expressed a desire to come on board, and has since become a driving force behind Red Daisy. Working with as a mother-daughter duo has been a true dream for this Red Daisy team.

Red Daisy combines the engineered support of a performance sports bra with the high-fashion allure of European lingerie in unique designs that set a new standard in luxury sports bras and coordinates. With its unique combination of supportive cups and tailored straps for the athletic bras, as well as the functional and flattering tights, Red Daisy is the ultimate in “atheleisure” apparel.


Mother daughter team and founders

We put support where it is needed most.

Designing and producing goods for the intimate apparel industry is a family tradition that began with her grandfather.  Making embroideries on Swiss machines, he catered to the large lingerie houses. The beautiful embroidered daisies that fascinated Phylise coming out of the machines, and her own red hair, inspired Phylise to name her brand Red Daisy.

The inspiration behind Red Daisy stemmed from Phylise’s relationship with her sister. Phylise has dedicated a $5 donation for every bra sold to benefit breast cancer research and treatment programs year-round. She had longed to find a meaningful way to support the fight against breast cancer since the fateful day in 2005 when she learned of the diagnoses of her younger sister.  After a long battle, she lost her sister in 2014. With Red Daisy and supporting breast cancer research, Phylise found a cause to support in order to keep fighting on behalf of her sister and for others, and she was able to give other women support through her athletic apparel.

Over the years, Phylise and Lily partnered with the global intimate apparel industry’s top suppliers to develop a state-of–the-art line of sports bras, work-out bottoms and tops using premium materials and technology.  Silky soft, yet strong, patented Sensitive Fabrics from one of the finest Italian mills were combined with quality components in her signature designs.

Red Daisy apparel features a variety of unique styles of supportive bras, form-flattering and form-fitting tights, and stylish tops. Red Daisy’s goal is to make stylish and athletic apparel that can be worn in a versatile way. The clothes are designed to flatter and feature women as their best selves. Red Daisy is designed with women’s active lifestyles in mind – providing a crossover of active apparel as well as stylish street-wear.

Red Daisy celebrates inspirational women who pursue their personal best and seeks to build a community around raising awareness around breast cancer and the importance of early detection. Today’s woman lives her life to the fullest and Red Daisy active intimates are designed to support and flatter her every step of the way.