A Special Thank You to My Community

2020 was the year that our lives changed forever, and it will never quite be the same. 

In 2020, I had the wonderful opportunity to revamp Red Daisy with my daughter, Lily! At the same time, like you, I was faced with a black cloud of fear and loss hanging over me. Every day, week, and month has presented us with a new challenge. While this year has changed our lives, we come out stronger than ever before.

Where does this leave us?

I have learned to take this energy and look at life in a different way. From watching a close family member, my father, to countless other loved ones battle and struggle to live, this year has inspired me to appreciate and be grateful for every moment. The smallest things that we sometimes take for granted become super important.

COVID-19 was like a plague that hit us all, however, we still had moments to be grateful for, we still had running water, shelter, food, heat, etc. And we, at Red Daisy, still had YOU! Your excitement for our new collection, your enthusiasm for our mission to support yourself, other women, and to donate to breast cancer research, has kept Red Daisy's fire alive. 

While this year has been a challenge, to say the least, we hold our loved ones close, discover our dearest priorities, and keep staying strong. I have been fortunate to have the experience to spend all of my time with my family at home, working, playing, eating well, and exercising. I took this time to regroup, and even after the loss of my father this year, I am still appreciating every moment I can with my family. 

At the end of this 2020 year, we want to thank you, our Red Daisy customers, family, and supporters, who are patient with us and have supported us with our new collection and all of our collections to come! Thank you for being part of our Red Daisy journey and we cannot wait to show you what is in store for 2021. 

We made it happen for you! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 

With Love,


and the Red Daisy Team